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President’s Message

Other people’s successes are good news – for them and for you. Good for you because they show you a way to go.

The Pro-Health Biomedical Engineering Group (BMEG) is the leading hospital life cycle management company in the country, offering comprehensive solutions that maximize utilization, increase productivity, create value and support optimal hospital management services. Customers nationwide count on us to deliver a platform of services to support each stage of the hospital management life cycle.

Our consultants and partners possess an in-depth knowledge of local and international practices in hospital design and planning, equipment consultancy and related healthcare projects with deliverable infrastructures. And we stand committed to that.

As you turn the pages of this report, join me in celebrating the achievement of our organization. With the ongoing support of our clients and friends, Pro-Health always will be the preferred company in hospital management and will continue to be known for inventing the future.

Dr. Shahzad Leghari