Children’s Hearts Hospital and Research Institute

complete consultancy desupervision of the construction

Name of Project

Children’s Heart Hospital & Research Institute




Pakistan Children Heartcare Foundation

Project Description

Design and Supervision

Total Cost of Project

PKR 2.8 Bn

Project Detail

Pro-Health is proud to announce its partnership with KB Construction to support the Pediatric Congenital Heart Foundation (PCHF) in Pakistan. Together, we are committed to providing fully funded and subsidized surgeries to impoverished children born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), ensuring they receive the critical care they need to lead healthy lives.

Joint Venture Agreement:
In a landmark joint venture (JV) signing, Pro-Health and KB Construction have joined forces to supervise and oversee the construction of healthcare facilities dedicated to treating children with CHD. This agreement reflects our shared values of compassion, integrity, and excellence in healthcare.

Consultancy and Supervision:
Pro-Health, renowned for its expertise in healthcare consultancy, will provide comprehensive guidance and supervision throughout the construction process. Our team of professionals will ensure that the facilities meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and functionality, aligning with PCHF’s mission to deliver exceptional care to every child in need.

Partnership Impact:
Through this partnership, Pro-Health and KB Construction aim to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children and families affected by CHD in Pakistan. By facilitating the construction of specialized healthcare facilities, we are creating a nurturing environment where children can receive life-saving treatments and surgeries.

Empowering Communities:
At the heart of our partnership is a commitment to empowering communities and improving access to healthcare for vulnerable populations. By working together with PCHF, we are helping to bridge the gap in healthcare services and ensure that no child is left behind due to financial constraints.

Future Outlook:
As construction progresses under the guidance of Pro-Health and KB Construction, we remain steadfast in our dedication to delivering on our promise of hope and healing for children with CHD. Together, we will continue to advocate for the rights of every child to receive the medical care they deserve.